Halley Bay Local Scenes


Halley Bay

The approach to Halley was through a channel in the sea ice in the Waddle Sea. Navigation was by  water and ice shadows on the clouds


This picture shows the Halley Base sited next to Mobster Creek. The Ice cliffs rise 200 feet above the sea . This is looking south towards the pole.

 In the winter and spring our neighbours were a colony of Emperor penguins. At the start of winter the female penguin gives the one egg to the male and leaves him to hold it in a tuff of feathers on top of his feet for the winter where the temperature can plummet to -50oC.

Halley above & below.jpg (65933 bytes)The base camp Halley Bay was built on the surface but each year there is a four feet  accumulation of snow. This then sends the base down. When I was there the base was forty feet below.

The summer is the time for holidays so its out with the caravan. Well its actually a Snow-cat a sledge and a caboose.

 Its strange but there's never any problem finding a pitch at the camp site.

Summers are very nice with the temperature up to about  minus ten degrees centigrade. In the summer there is 24 hours of day light for three months. As winter draws near we got less and less sun to eventually the sun set for the last time.

With the passing of the sun the flag is lowered marking the  start of the three month night.




Mid winter celebrations